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Think you are licensed? Have you checked recently? If not, email us at Contractors Licensing Center and we will provide you with a current status check of ALL of your contractor license information! What do you have to lose except your business if you do NOT check? We urge you to carefully read below about Business and Professions Code 7031.

Why trust Contractors Licensing Center?

We have actively been serving the needs of contractors for over 33 years with the Contractors License Board, the California Legislature and virtually every other state and local governmental entity affecting your business. We can tell you that many a contractor has had a false sense of security thinking they were properly licensed when, in fact, that was not the case! We represent over 35,000 licensed contractors in California. Have a problem or issue with the CSLB? Call us! Have a need for a new license or a change? Call us!

BEWARE of 7031 of the B&P Code

Business and Professions Code (B&P) Section 7031 (a) in part states that as a licensed contractor you MUST be DULY licensed at all times. Even an unknown suspension of one hour could result in you losing ALL of the money owed to you on (an) ongoing job(s) OR, having to pay back money already paid to you! (This is NOT a scare tactic! See online resources below)

Stories off the web on B&P 7031

Some of the things to be concerned about:

  • If you have moved, did you file a change of address? The CSLB does NOT forward renewal information or any other updates if your address is wrong!
  • Did you know that your bonding company files your bonding status electronically with the CSLB? MANY times we have resolved errors that have resulted in contractor licenses being suspended due to ERRORS by the bonding company!
  • Are you working in your proper license classification? Call us to inquire. If necessary, we can also request a formal ruling from the Contractors License Board.
  • Have you wanted another license classification, wanted to form a new company or wanted to change the officers or add a new one? Do you have a family succession plan in place?
  • Have complaints filed against your license or other problems??

No obligation!

For a free status check of your contractor’s license, please fill out the short form below and we will email directly back to you a current update containing not only your current address and phone number shown by the CSLB, but also when your license is due to expire. Or, call us and we can answer any questions or offer our best advice (we can also obtain a quick answer officially from the CSLB for a reasonable fee, depending upon the nature/extent of the problem or question).

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