Exact fees will vary depending upon your individual needs and circumstances. Call us for a quote: (916) 451-1114.

Regular Processing

Normal processing times can range from one week to many weeks, depending upon the Secretary of State’s workload at the time of filing.

Expedited Processing

We can also obtain your incorporation on an expedited basis.  The turnaround is typically 24 hours, however we can do same day if received by 8:30 AM (it will be ready by 4 PM).

Most clients utilize the 24 hour turnaround for incorporating with us.

Same Day Turnaround Service

It must be received by 8:30 AM and will be ready by 4 PM.

*Please note, the Secretary of State promises these turnaround times; however, it is beyond our control if they cannot do so.  This has never occurred, but we do want to make this known.

To Process Your Incorporation

  • Payment must be made for whichever filing option you choose (regular processing or expedited 24 hour or same day).
  • Please call us at (916) 451-1114 or email us at with your credit card information (see below for information required) and the 3 names in the order of priority (1-3) so that we may immediately begin processing your request.
  • Call or send us the information that will enable us to complete the SOS form based upon the example of the form (see SOS forms tab). We write all checks to the state (SOS) for their filing fees.
  • Please note, if you decide on the expedited processing and your information is rejected for any reason, the expedite fee (only) is non-refundable. This is why working through Contractors Licensing Center is so important – we file it right the first time for you!
  • Upon confirmation of the name availability from the Secretary of State, we will send the completed form back to you to sign. You, in-turn, will sign and scan (or fax) back to us at (916) 451-1118.  We will have your corporation number to you within the promised time (same day, 24 hours, or regular process).

We can then move forward with helping to obtain your contractor’s license.

Credit Card Information Required

All payments are handled by credit card to make it convenient for you! We take Visa, MasterCard and American Express. To process your incorporation, we need the following information please:

  1. Full name on the credit card
  2. Credit Card Account Number
  3. Expiration Date of the card
  4. 3 digit security code on the back of the card (If you have an American Express Card, the 4 Digit security code is on the front)
  5. Billing Address

Contact Information

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