Costs and Processing Times

Exact fees will vary depending upon your individual needs and circumstances. Call us for a quote: (916) 451-1114.

Processing Times

The typical processing time for an original contractor’s license is approximately 4-6 weeks (depending upon the CSLB’s application volume and whether the CSLB has problems with your application which is beyond our control). Also note you will be required to have your fingerprints done electronically. You must disclose EVERY conviction on your license application.  Failure to do so will likely result in rejection of your application when your fingerprints are run by the Department of Justice and FBI. We urge you to discuss this with us prior to filing your application.

Expedited Service

As previously discussed, we have an excellent track record of successfully petitioning the CSLB on our clients’ behalf.  Our success is based upon ensuring that the expedite need is not only valid but substantiated.

Again, both the processing and filing fees to the state are paid for through your credit card and then we write checks to the state for the CSLB’s filing fees.

Credit Card Information Required

All payments are handled by credit card to make it convenient for you! We take Visa, MasterCard and American Express. To process your license application, we need the following information please:

  1. Full name on the credit card
  2. Credit Card Account Number
  3. Expiration Date of the card
  4. 3 digit security code on the back of the card (If you have an American Express Card, the 4 Digit security code is on the front)
  5. Billing Address

Contact Information

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