Why Choose Us?

We have been actively serving the needs of contractors for over 33 years with the Contractors License Board, the California Legislature and virtually every state and local governmental entity affecting your business. We represent over 35,000 licensed contractors in California and guarantee your satisfaction of our services.

Many contractors have a false sense of security thinking they are properly licensed through the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) when, in fact, that is not the case! Contact us to provide a no cost, no obligation status check of your license. Besides ensuring that your license status is active, we can also ensure that your address and phone number is correct. The CSLB WILL NOT forward a renewal notice or any other information IF your ADDRESS has changed and you have not given notice.

Is your license scheduled to expire within the next 90 days or less? Did you know that the current processing time of the CSLB is 20 days or more? DON’T TRUST BUREAUCRACY! For assurance that your license is properly renewed, have Contractors Licensing Center file your renewal at the front counter of the CSLB. We will scan and email (or mail if you prefer) a stamped copy of your renewal which is proof that your renewal was done on the date stamped on your form.

  • Would you like to obtain another license classification for your company? Call Contractors Licensing Center!
  • Have a complaint filed against your license? Contractors Licensing Center can help! CALL US!
  • Have ANY questions about licensing, secretary of state filings, franchise tax board, Labor Commissioner or ANY other government issue/problem? Call Contractors Licensing Center.


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