Brief History

For over 33 years, Contractors Licensing Center’s principal, Philip Vermeulen, has been working closely on behalf of contractors statewide. The third-generation son and grandson of general contractors within the San Francisco Bay Area, Phil has lived and worked in the construction industry his entire life. In 1981, he went to work for the California Association of Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association (Cal SMACNA), a statewide trade association that represents the interests of its members before the Contractors Licensing Board, the California State Legislature and virtually every other regulatory agency whose actions impact contractors.

Phil has literally attended and actively participated in most Contractors License Board and committee meetings since 1981. In addition, his other firm, Philip M. Vermeulen Governmental Relations (, which has been in business since November of 1994, today represents a cross-section of contractor associations statewide whose members total over 35,000 contractors. Phil has worked closely with the Contractors State Licensing Board to effect changes in the contractor license laws throughout the years that strengthen the laws and penalties against unlicensed contractors and to assist the legitimate contractors as much as possible. His knowledge and political influence is sought by many contractors, legislators and regulators on a continual basis. In fact, see him in action before a recent Contractors State License Board meeting at (point your mouse at the sliding white dot with the red spot in the middle directly above the pause button and slide  the dot to minute 31:41.

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